MiniCalendar increasing width automatically...


I’m evaluating th Scheduler and MiniCalendar component at the moment (so I’m quite new to that topic). What I try to do is, showing the MiniCalendar on a sidebar (left) and the scheduler floating on the right (as main content). Everything looks like it should, but when I click on the right/left cursor of the MiniCalender, the width of the MiniCalendar increases by 4px. Why does that happen?

part of my Layout.cshtml:

@RenderSection("Side_Bar", required: false)

part of the method ActionResult Index():

        var scheduler = new DHXScheduler(this);
        scheduler.Config.first_hour = 8;
        scheduler.Config.last_hour = 20;
        scheduler.Config.start_on_monday = true;
        scheduler.Config.hour_size_px = 88; //for Terrace Layout PX=88 is needed...why?
        scheduler.Config.separate_short_events = true;
        var cal = new MiniCalendar("SideBar");

for debugging purposes, I disabled all css, and this strange thing still happens :frowning:

Thank you for reporting the problem, it has been confirmed and will be fixed in one of the future updates of the scheduler. As for current solution you may render minicalendar into div with the predefined width:

[/code] ActionResult Index():[code]... var cal = new MiniCalendar("minical");[/code]
@RenderSection("Side_Bar", required: false)

works as expected! thank you!!! :stuck_out_tongue: