Minicalendar's assigned event(s) and "load_mode"


Just a notice related to the default behaviour which adapts the render of a day’s cell in the mini calendar according to the assigned events.

First, it is a convenient functionality : a quick look allows to locate the days for which there are assigned events.

But this functionality is really great when all events are loaded in the scheduler.

In case of a lazy loading by using load_mode (set to week, month, …), only the events already loaded in the scheduler are known by the mini calendar and the functionnality looses its pertinence because :

  • Some days owns events and are marked (theses events are known by the scheduler because loaded), but other days owns events too but they are not marked (events have never or are not yet loaded in the scheduler) : that means than looking at one day which is not marked does not mean there is no assigned events.
  • A way to avoid this problem of “non-marked day with events” can be to edit CSS for these days (background-color property : removed for .dhx_year_event and keep for dhx_calendar_click).

But maybe two new options could help with theses two points ?

  • an option (eg. “loadEvents: true|false”) : While navigating in mini calendar, this one could tell the scheduler to load events of the current date range and mark them.
  • an option (eg. “markLoadedEvents: true|false”) to be able to desactivate the current process of assignation of events to mini calendar (to avoid to edit CSS where as the process has already done (parsing)).

Hope theses thoughts are not useless.

i have same issue, when mini calendar load at that time events not showing, but I click on navigation of calendar the events showing as mark color “Yellow”

I want also event show at page load event

We don’t plan to introduce automatic data loading for navigation in minicalendar.

As for second part of the issue, situation when mini calendar doesn’t mark events from the main scheduler is a bug and will be fixed in the next update.