Minimal width of a button


I use dhtmlxform 3.0 beta

I’ve this button in XML :

The width is too large.

I’ve tried this :

The button is still too large and the label is not centered anymore

What can I do ?

Thanks in advance for any answer :slight_smile:


Issue confirmed and will be fixed at the next version of dhtmlxForm 3.0

Hello sematik,

I’ve tested the final version of dhtmlxForm 3.0 but the bug is still there.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Sematik ?


button width is set automatically, it consists of text width and paddings. left and right paddings are rather large, 20px. You may decrease them;

.dhxlist_obj_dhx_skyblue div.dhx_list_btn td.btn_m div.btn_txt { padding:1px 5px; }

The default is padding:1px 20px;

Hello Alexandra,

It’s a lot better, thanks :slight_smile: