Minimize by clicking on border not working

I’m using version 3.6 and put together a 2U layout. If I keep headers enabled I can click the border separating the two frames and frame A minimizes. But if I hide the header in frame A double clicking the frame border does not minimize the frame. Is it possible to have this feature with the header hidden?

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var main_layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject( document.body, '2E' );

var i_menuFrame = main_layout.cells('a');
i_menuFrame._minHeight = 20;

var layout_2 = main_layout.cells('b');
var layout_3 = layout_2.attachLayout('2U');

var i_vertMenu = layout_3.cells('a');

var i_iframeA = layout_3.cells('b');
i_iframeA.getFrame().className = "iframeA";

It is supposed that if an user can’t collapse a cell by click on an header icon, he can’t collapse a cell in at all.
If you need such behaviour, you can send us a demo on or we can tell you, what lines you need to correct in js file. But the we don’t promise back compatibility: we are not responsible if you will change sources and after next update something will broken

Thank you for the reply

You are welcome!