minor bugs in sorting, groupby and addRow


We found some of the minor bugs here and there. We realized these should be very easy to fix. Can u please include them in the next release:

1) Bug in extended mode : Grouping rows by column

i) Sort by any column.

ii) Click ungroup

iii) Click sort again and the grid fails to load.

2) In the same example above, sort by any column and then group by any column. The sort image is not reset which is confusing because you would expect the data to be still sorted by that column.

3) Set a custom delimiter by using setDelimiter function. But, when getAllSubItems function still returns the output with commas.

4) addRow in tree grid does not honor passing of an index. It always resets it to the last row.


Thank you for feedback. We’ll add these fixes to the new release.


Is this issue now fixed with the release of dhtmlxgrid 2.0?


Problems (1),(2),(4) already fixed in latest release of dhtmlxgrid.