Misplaced dropdownbox in dhtmlxCombo

Hello Team,

I do have a misplaced dropdownbox for my dhtmlxCombo. See attached image!
I am loading the dhtmlxCombos as Object to a Fieldset in iFrame which is attached to a dhtmlxLayout. What can I do? Style position → static is not working.


make should that you didn’t set css classes that may affect combo elements. If the problem is not solved, please attach the complete demo where we could recreate the problem

Hi Alexandra,

maybe it is because I load the xCombo in an xForm? And the xForm is integrated in a TABLE-Block, This TABLE-Block is integrated in a DIV-BLOCK, which is build dynamically at “runtime”.
I checked CSS, and I am loading only dhtmlx CSS!


we need a complete sample that recreates the problem