Missing Documentation for dhtmlxGrid?

We are using dhtmlxGrid with sub grids. I was looking at code and experimenting and found that I could use the following to get an event when [+] is clicked to open the sub grid:

grid.attachEvent(“onDynXLS”, getPlanSubgridData);

I also found that I could do the following to parse the data from the server and open the row:

grid.parse(gridData, “json”);

But openItem is not documented for dhtmlxGrid (or at least I can not find the documentation). Is there some place I can look to learn the other APIs that can be used? There are a few things I want to do that I see no API for, but maybe they are just undocumented like the openItem.


Unfortunately there is no any tutorial about such methods at the moment.

The openItem is part of the TreeGrid which confusingly enough is call dhtmlgrid.

by the way in case of subgrids in dhtmlxgrid you can use for similar result

grid.cells(id, ind).open();