Missing row when using drag&drop and header filtering


I found a bug where filtering “lost” a data row when using drag&drop and the filter functionality in the header.

You can recreate the bug as follows:

Modifiy the this sample from the DHTMLX PRO Version
(I’m using dhtmlxTreeGrid v.3.5 Professional edition build 120822)

Add the script for drag and drop:

Enable drag and drop:

When opening the sample it should look like this:

When you use the filter “5 weeks in top 100” it should show 4 results like this:

Now please deselect the filter and show all data, then drag&drop “The shaggy dog” row under “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not” row like this:

Then the last step is to filter again for “5 weeks in top 100”, you will see 3 results. 1 result with the drag&drop of a different row is missing:

This also happens in our application where we use this filter functionallity.
Everytime you move something under a row, the row will not display when using a filter.

This is the designed behavior. By default the treegrid is filtered by the last level only.
Please refer to the following tutorial:
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … n_treegrid

Your may add:

and the grid filter as you need.

Thanks for the fast reply, I’ll have a look at the tutorial.