Mixed content warning on Valut using over ssl...


we are running our webapplication over ssl protocol. When we try to embed dhtmlxvalut in one of secure jsp pages. We recieve a pop up in ie saying that page contains nonsecure items. This warning started coming once we embeded valut in the page. I am thinking there are two problems in dhtmlxvault.js

  1. While creating iframes you are giving source as about:blank. Ideally this should not be done. You should create a blank.html and create that as a source of iframe.
  2. The other potential problem could be how you are downloading following images

    May be ie is thinking that images are not downloaded using secure https protocol. Any help in this regard would be helpful.


Yes, we have just fixed this issue. Please email our support to receive a newer version (1.6.1). Thank you.

I have this same issue. I submitted a support ticket on Sep 28 and have not gotten any type of response.

Please email me to fed@dhtmlx.com and i will send the new version.