Mixing addMarkedTimespan for week day and specific dates



I’m using addMarkedTimespan in order to add locket time spans over a specific weekday, using the “invert_zones” feature.
I say that friday a certain classoom it is available from 9am to 1pm, so that scheduler it is i blocket outside that range.

Now I’m trying to add another “addMarkedTimespan” for a specific friday, say 2019-08-23 in order to block from 11am to 1pm, as that specific day the classroom it is only available from 9 to 11.

What is happening it is that the second addMarkedTimespan it is applied correctly but is seems that it clears the first timespan added for each friday.

As shown in the attached image, first part is the friday with the first timespan.
The second image is the friday when I add the second timespan. First one is cleared.

Thank you.



Yes, if you add addMarkedTimespan for the date, that already has marked interval, the second configuration rewrites the first one. I.e. the first timespan config will be ignored.

You need to specify all marked time for the Friday 2019-08-23 in the second timespan: https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/8e9becdd7



ok, thank you.
It is exactly the solution I have adopted.

Thank you,