Mixing different types of controls on a single web page

I previously asked about this and was told to use the most recent dhtmlxcommon.js file.

I just downloaded the latest dhmtlXTree and dhtmlxGrid. While both dhtmlxcommon.js files have the following at the top of the file -

//v.1.6 build 80512

The files are different sizes and are significantly different using a diff tool. If I use dhtmlxTree/dhtmlxcommon.js, then the dhtmlxGrid doesn’t work, and if I use the dhtmlxGrid/dhtmlxcommon.js, then the dhtmlxTree doesn’t work. What now?

Actually both files are the same , the files of dhtmlxgrid slightly differ by used formating ( its source version is pretty formatted, and compressed version has a bit bigger size ) - they are absolutly equeal in functionality, and you can use any of them with any component.

You can check

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … ction.html

Both tree and grid works correctly. ( The code of common provides base helpers, it can’t differ for different component )