mobile schedule select box


i am using this mobile schedular… i went throught the docs and chm u guys provided me , with the samples… thnks that was of great help…

now i want a select box in detail forms (whn creating or editing the events) where they can choose the users . i couldn’t find anything in the docs… my bad… :slight_smile:… can anyone please help me out… or send me a link…

thnks … would appreciate ur help…
great work!!!

Hi bipen,

I think I was looking for the same thing myself earlier today. Please, refer to the following pages:

  1. Customizing details form … etailsform

  2. Form components reference

I hope it helps.


hey Andre …

thanks… :slight_smile:… appreciate ur help… hv created a form with the components i needed… :slight_smile:

i tried creating a dynamic select box using richselect… and now having a problem with the dynamic content , which i get it from the table called user… i tired using the codes they provided us in samples like in schedular… (event.php) … where i render the contents fromthe table and send it to the select box… but looks like this mobile schedular does not takes the serverlist function… (since i am getting error if i use this) :frowning:
as in like:
scheduler.serverList(“user_id”) //user_id is the list which i get it frm event.php

so do u hv ny idea… :slight_smile:…since i cannot find ny post about this is forums too…

thanks … for the links again…

Hi bipen,

To be honest, I haven’t used the scheduler enough to help you. I think we’ll need advice from the senior users/support team this time.


— Andre


Mobile scheduler doesn’t parses coll_options from the xml. You will need to use different datasource for richselect:

{view:“richselect”, id:“user_id”, url:“user_data.php”, datatype:“xml”, …},

Or you may define options for richselect in options array;

{view:“richselect”, id:“user_id”,options:[
{ value:“1”, label:“User 1” },
{ value:“2”, label:“User 2” },