Mobile Scheduler custom events

There are two things I would like to be able to do.

  1. When someone clicks on an event instead of performing the standard action I want to display my own form. Not a customisation of default form, but something totally different.

  2. When someone touches/clicks on a time during day view raise an event to go to my own add appointment form with the time pre-selected.



there is not a public method to these redefine event handlers. You can try to modify scheduler code directly in the _debug version of js library:

this.$$(“list”).attachEvent(“onItemClick”, dhx.bind(this._on_event_clicked, this));
this.$$(“dayList”).attachEvent(“onItemClick”, dhx.bind(this._on_event_clicked, this));
this.$$(“calendarDayEvents”).attachEvent(“onItemClick”, dhx.bind(this._on_event_clicked, this));

You can use own function instead of _on_event_clicked method.

Yes, this is what I eventually did. I was just hoping to avoid modifying the code.