Mobile scheduler custom form loading issue + jQuery mobile


I have used mobile scheduler in my mobile application. Application is using jquery mobile and phonegap.

and I have used custom form in scheduler.

scheduler.config.form = [
{ view: “text”, label: scheduler.locale.labels.label_event, id: “event”, name: ‘text’ },
{ view: “text”, label: “location”, id: ‘location’, name: ‘location’ }

This form is not loading when i use scheduler for internal pages means I am calling scheduler page via link

Even i tried to load using multi page , data-prefetch or rel=“external” but its creating some other issue so any solution for this issue?

Bhumi Shah

Any Solution for this?


try to include form configuration right after dhtmlxscheduler_mobile.js

Also fields start_date and end_date are obligatory. They must be included in form (you may hide them if you want).

Yes tried but not working with internal pages.

All custom templates and configs should be set before dhx.ready call (before window onload).

I want to check after login because I want customized form after login and i am using jquery mobile which loads data as ajax because i am using data-ajax=true so its not called every time a html head section. Is there any other way?

Could you please help me to solve issue?