Mobile scheduler doesn't resize on orientation change


Can anyone offer any advice on how to make the mobile scheduler automatically resize on orientation change?

I’m currently loading it into a div within a page in my app, and when run in the iPad simulator it keeps the same dimensions on orientation change.

Thanks for your time!


I’m currently loading it into a div within a page in my app

Does full screen initialization not fit? I mean dhx ui that consist of Layout that occupies the whole page (there is not container property in configuration) and Scheduler is located in a column or a row of this Layout.

Please provide the example of scheduler initialization where we could reproduce the problem.

Hey thanks for you reply,

I’m developing a mobile app using PhoneGap and jQueryMobile

here is some of my code:

The above code is in the head of my document

Then in the body I have the schedulerDiv

It works pretty well, except when the orientation of the device changes (in this case iPhone/iPad) the scheduler doesn’t resize to fit the screen, it just stays at the same dimensions it was at when the app first loaded.

So what I’ve done is query the screen size using jQuery mobile on orientationchange and then use $$(“scheduler”).$setSize(width, height); to resize the scheduler. This works but maybe you know of a better way to do it.

One other issue I’ve noticed is I can’t scroll on other pages when I use the mobile scheduler. Does the mobile scheduler prevent other pages from scrolling? If it does is there a way to change it?

Thanks again for your help!