Mobile scheduler : scroll problem on nokia mini N97


I just download the scheduler and I tried the mobile version. On my desktop computer, everything is working good. Perfect !

But on my smartphone (a nokia N97 mini), I can use all the buttons but there are some problems :
when I am on a day view, I can’t scroll to the end of the day with my fingers. The view is frozen.
when I edit an event, same problem. I can’t scroll so, I can’t see for example the delete button and the description frame is cut at half part.

In general, it seems that the touch is not taken into account. All the buttons work, not the scroll.

Anyone has the same problem ? Is there these problems on other smartphone ?

Thanks by advance for your replies


Just to know, in order I can have other information, does it work for you on other smartphones ?

Can you scroll the mobile scheduler on iPhone, HTC, Samsung, …?


Mobile scheduler based on dhtmlx touch, which work for webkit based browsers ( it also works on latest desctop browser, and will not work for sure with opera mobile )

ok. Noted.

Do you forecast to allow dhtmlx touch to be compatible with some other browsers like opera mobile or IE mobile ?

Opera mobile will not be supported for sure, it doesn’t execute js on client side, which makes complex scripting impossible.

As for IE - Windows Phone 7.5 includes IE9based rendering engine which is technically works ( there is no support for animation, so scrolling is not so smooth, and gradient based backgrounds will degrade to the plain colors )