Mobile Scheduler with JQuery Controls


I’m evaluating the mobile scheduler for a jquery mobile app we already have and want to add a multi-select combo to the edit/create details form of the scheduler.

I’ve tried using the existing jquery mobile multi-select combo as below, where the template is set to the html of a select with the required jquery attributes set.

name: “multiselect”,
defaults: {
template: function (config) {
return $(’#cal_userselectdiv’).html();

while this causes the dropdown to be rendered it doesn’t respond to click/touch events and so doesn’t open.

I’m guessing that the scheduler is swallowing the click event and so jquery mobile doesn’t do anything and was going to start messing around in the scheduler code.

Are there known issues with using the scheduler and jquery mobile?
Is there a way around this particular problem - eg can I turn off the default click handling on a per template/view basis?
Or is the only way to create a multi-select combo in the scheduler with a custom control?



$(’#cal_userselectdiv’).html() returns html content of the cal_userselectdiv element (event listeners are not copied in this case).

Also the control that you created doesn’t have setValue and getValue that are necessary to work in Form: … ol_example … ge_example

Hi - thanks for the reply.

I do have setvalue and getvalue functions but left them off the code sample for concision.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by event listeners - are you talking about jquery event listeners or the dhtmlx event listeners?

If I use the same code outside of the dhtmlx framework - ie copy the html into an empty div then the jquery mobile rendering and events work fine so my conclusion was that there was a conflict between the jquery mobile event handling and dhtmlx - more specifically that the dhtmlx framework was swallowing the click/touch event so that jquery mobile never saw it - does that seem likely? Is there a way within the dhtmlx framework to allow the click/touch event to be unhandled and bubble up?



Touch library blocks “touchstart” event in some cases. It is done for Touch scroll. Scroll is necessary in most views of Scheduler. Therefore, we do not recommend to block it.