Modal or Pop up Help

Hi there,

I am using dhtmlxgrid to display a standard grid. I was able to get the link function to work which will allow me to see the record of user on the next page.

I wanted to know, if there was a way, to have a link that would open up a dialog box/modal that wold serve as a delete function? The question to the user would be along the lines of: Delete user [USERNAME] and a button Yes or No. If they click No, then nothing happens, however, if they select yes then I would take that user name (that should be passed to the box/modal) and process it.

I have tried a couple of ways to get this to call a standard twitter bootstrap modal but I have been having trouble with it. I wanted to see if this has something that I can call that is already a part of dhtmlx.

I also have the pro version and have access to the pro libraries if needed.


You may try to use the dhtmlxWindows. You can open your window clicking on the link (“link” exCell type). … _init.html