Modal Popup Problem


Below is my problem,

When user clicks on a menu item, a popup is displayed. This popup is created like this:

� There is a default.aspx page with three frames.

� The top frame contains text only

� On the left frame , a list.aspx page is loaded. This page contains a list of products.

� When user clicks on an item from the list, a DHTMLX tabbar page is loaded in the right frame. There are three tabs in

the tabbar and for every tab I have a separate aspx page (page1.aspx, Page2.aspx, page3.aspx).

� Now from Page1.aspx, I have a hyperlink link, which opens a DHTMLX modal popup. I have also set the modal property

[popupWindow.setModal(true);] for the popup.

� I am able to open a DHTMLX popup, but the parent page (that is Default page) does not become modal at all.

Thanks a lot in anticipiation



please provide the complete demo to recreate the issue to … d_demo.htm )