Modal window and hide() method

Would it be more logical for hide() method to hide both modal window and modal screen behind?
Now hide() method turns display off only for modal window, and modal screen (that is behind) rests on top of the screen. :confused:

We have not reproduced the problem with 3.0 version. Are you using the latest version ?

If you are using older version and do not want to update it, you may call setModal(false) before hiding a window:


Thank you for your response.
Of course I can call setModal(false) and then hide() and all the time control this manually, but that is why I’m asking if it would be more logic to hide modal screen automatically instead of controlling that manually.
I’m using v.3.0 build 110713 and I do not see within the code that modal screen is controlled by hide() method.
If I understand code’s logic properly hide() method calls _hideWindow(this); which changes style just for window object, but not for modal screen. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Cannot find where modal screen is controlled.
Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Could you attach the sample where we could reproduce the problem “hide() method does not hide modal screen” ?

I didn’t actually catch what you are going to reproduce and what sample I should attach.

To reproduce this we need just two buttons: one button on click will hide created on load modal window and another button on click unset modal state and then hide window. To keep it simple we will have to reload page each time to use any button. That’s it. You may see that when clicking on Hide button window disappear and screen behind will rest shown, but should be hidden as well.
Linked dhtmlx library files were v.3.0 build 110713
Below is that simple code to demonstrate it:



Hide() method hides window (class=“dhtmlx_window_active”), but modal screen behind (class=“dhx_modal_cover_dv”) is outside of active window being hidden. I believe that they both should be controlled by hide() method and be hidden together.
My question was such obvious and simple that I am not sure I should explain in so deep detail this simplicity.
Hope it is what you asked.

Thank you for the example. The issue is confirmed. We’ll consider it and possibly change the hide method in the next version.

Thank you very much in advance. I believe such behavior is more natural for hide() method.