Modal windows and textbox selection

I have downloaded the new version of the “dhtmlxwindows.js” file, which was provided to resolve the problem … mal&q=2762

However, the following two cases do not appear to work correctly.  Firstly, if the default viewport is used, it is possible to click elements in the parent document when a dhtmlxwindow is opened and setModal is called with a State value of true.  In this situation, no elements in the parent document should be selectable.  If a viewport is defined, the elements in the parent document are not selectable. 

In the second case, the parent document contains a Textbox control.  If a viewport is defined which covers the Textbox, the Textbox is only selectable if it contains text or the insertion point is positioned at the very beginning of the Textbox.  In normal use, a Textbox will receive the focus if any part of the Textbox is selected, irrespective of whether the Textbox contains text.

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.



Problem with modal window in case of default viewport confirmed and fixed - please try to use attached css file instead of original one.
Second issue is more complicated, it is caused by the way of viewport creation and can’t be fixed easily , the oncoming update of dhtmlxwindow will contain some workaround. (474 Bytes)

Thank you for your prompt reply.  The modified CSS file resolves the first of the problems, but looks as though it introduces a different issue.  With the new CSS file, it doesn’t appear to be possible to expand the size of a modal window by dragging the boundaries of the window.  Dragging works as expected if the drag operation reduces the size of the window.

The next version of component planed to be released in next few weeks, it will contain fixes for both issues.
Please try to use attached version - it must resolve problem with resizing. (13.5 KB)