Modify save/update/delete function in dhtmlxscheduler.js


In dhtmlxscheduler i added one more field ’ userId ’ in the table event_rec. It is to identify and display scheduled events of each users (userId) uniquely.

During save/update/delete function this userId need to passed to database query. What all functions or java codes are to be modified in dhtmlxscheduler.js and in other java classes.

Is there any javascript validations available for this event scheduling?

or will u provide us the validation?

thank you.


there is a ready sample shared_events in the JAVA connectors package for scheduler. Please, take a look at it.

This approach can be used in combination with recurring events.


In java version of dhtmxscheduler downloadable  zip file , no sample code found for shared_events.

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sorry for the misleading information. there is not “shared events” sample in the java package. We’ll add it and provide you it when it’s ready