Modifying Grid through jscript does not get sync'ed by DP

I am doing some updates to the grid through jscript, I can get the Grid to recognize the changes apparently. This is the code I call for each value in each column

                   oGrid.cells(sRowID, nColumnIndex).setValue(Data["Name"]);
                   oGrid.DP.setUpdated(sRowID, true);
                   oGrid.cells(sRowID, nColumnIndex).wasChanged = true;
                   oGrid.setRowAttribute(sRowID, enuChangeState.enuUpdated, "RowChangeState");

The effected rows all gets marked properly as being modified.
However when I later call

I see no columns changed on the controller side, when parsing through the form data.
Is there a step I am missing?

For what its worth found there is a .cell missing between .cells and .waschanged