Modifying the scheduler

hi all ! First post here and I have some doubts.

  1. How do I change the size of the scheduler? I dont want it to take the whole page…
  2. How do I make load the current month, in the examples is always January 2010.
  3. How can I make it to call a function when I do a single click on a day cell?.

Thanks in advance!

ok I got the answer for question number 2.

But number 3 is still buging me out… I tried onXScaleClick and onCellClick but when I click on a day nothing happens. Any help is appreciated.

Just assign custom size styles to the #scheduler_here div ( container div of scheduler )

onCellClick event occurs only in timeline view, there is no custom event for onclick action in month or week view ( it possible to catch raw html event and do some calculations to detect the clicked date)

Thanks for the answer on issue 1, the only problem is that I see a scroll appearing, cant the scheduler resize the cells,etc to make the smaller one non scrollable.

About the click on a day, if you can help me out with that one I will appreciate it. Im not that good with HTML and scripting.

Thanks again.

wow Im really frustrated by this. I cant make the scheduler resize without using a scroll.
Also I really need to call a function when you have do a single click. Without this the scheduler becomes useless for my needs, and hopefully I will buy a license once my project is set for selling.


As for cell sizes

In month view - scroll will appear only if you have many events, and part of them will be invisible without the scroll.

In week|day view, you can use

scheduler.config.hour_size_px = 21; //or any other value

thanks about the answer. Yeah I see the issue now. It would be nice to have something that resizes the whole calendar depending on the size of you frame, no matter how many events you have in it.

Also you said “its possible to catch raw html event and do some calculations to detect the clicked date” can you help me out a little bit with this? Otherwise the scheduler is useless for me since for each clicked day I reveal the agenda for that particular day. Wich has to be shown since all the operations inside my program are done trough it…

ok finally I found some time to work on this again. How can I trigger an event when I click on a cell on the month view?