Month view columns are out

In the month view I am getting the headings in the right place but the columns underneath the headings are all out by about 20px each… anyone else had this? How did they fix it?

probably you have some css styles that affects all td/th elements on the page
Try adding following style to the page:

.dhx_cal_container td{ margin:0; padding:0; }

If it not helps - please provide a demo or a screenshot, so we could understand what happens on the page

Thanks! That worked! But I am still getting “squashed up” looking text - is there another style I can apply to change that? Maybe its a font setting?

If you double click on this link you will see what I am getting … sp=sharing

seems like there is a style that increases the line-height of the elements.
Try following:div.dhx_cal_event_clear{ line-height: 14px; } div.dhx_cal_event_line { line-height: 17px; }ordiv.dhx_cal_event_clear{ line-height: 14px !important; } div.dhx_cal_event_line { line-height: 17px !important; }
Probably that won’t be the last issue, some paddings also seems to be missing (the one below is a month view from a clean sample)
This style should fix itdiv.dhx_month_head { padding-right: 4px !important; }

Thanks - that worked! :wink: though I did not need the padding right on the month headings because you already gave me the css for the month headings before…

Can you help with this one too?
The Event creation window is formatted poorly see attached screenshot … sp=sharing
the Repeat event info is not all visible and time period only has starting time and date - not ending time and date - I am assuming that is shown off the edge of the window somewhere?

try checking the line-height for lightbox controls, seems like it is also set too big.
Do you use some kind of framework or CMS, for example DotNetNuke? I could check the conflicts locally if i knew what causes them

Its all our own code I am afraid but I am new to the project so know nothing about the css that has been written and I know little about css in the first place… sorry but I am not even sure where to look for the line-height of lightbox controls…?