Month view - new event dont trigger scheduler.onBeforeDrag()

I have built a totally custom lightbox replacer and own backend.

Using month view:
I create an event and alter the event according the scheduler.getEvent(id) object returned.
When done I call the scheduler.updateEvent(id) and the event in monthview is updated
However dragging that object does just move the box, not trigger the scheduler.onBeforeDrag as I expected.
Do I need to do anything else than updateEvent(id) to get it to act correctly?

After reload of page, the event acts as it should.

Using dhtmlxScheduler 2.2.

Please help.

Not quite sure, but try to add the next call when event is saved


where id - id of event which was changed (or added)

It must remove all traces of edit process.

Thanks. that solved it.