More 1.0 issues/strangeness with MenuBars

Hi guys, just trying to adjust to the 1.0 differences.

MenuBar alignments feel random/flacky/buggy.

When trying your view/07_full_sample.html it looks good. I tried to use a similar main bar and all alignments are wacked out. Some buttons are 400 pixels wide, some things never align right.

eg. If I make one tiny change to your sample

{view:“button”, label: “Map”, align: “right”, inputwidth:70, id:‘map’, click: “showMap” },
{view:“button”, label: “Map”, align: “right”, width:70, id:‘map’, click: “showMap” },

Everything is still aligned LEFT, and the settings button becomes huge to the size of the empty area.

Even if everything has a width defined.

Its as if just for this sample, the magic inputWidth makes it work or is some work around to make it work.

(Btw doesnt help that Safari crash/burns on windows after 5 mins , not sure if its related.)