More column width control options please

Again, I may be missing something, but there seem to be TWO options for controlling grid / treegrid column widths…

  1. Set the pixel width and then unused space appears to the right hand side of the table

  2. Set the pixel width and set ONE column width to ‘’, then unused space is assigned to the '’ column, and the grid / treegrid columns expand to fill the whole table width.

  • This is an interesting solution but the resulting user interface is counter-intuitive to users!
  • Users are very surprised when changing the width of a column causes a different column to change size that isn’t actually next to the one being resized!

I would like the option…

a) Same idea of picking a column which INITIALLY gets all the extra table width, BUT resizing behaves in the normal way, i.e. changing a column’s width affects the column next to it. Meanwhile, all of the width of the table is assigned to columns and (similar to option 2 above) the right most column edge is permanently set to the right hand side of the the table.

It sounds interesting , but unfortunately there is no way to implement such behavior without code modifications.

We will check how it can be added in the future.