More information on selects

Let’s say i have multiple branches

[ ] Tree

|-----[X] Vegetables

| |----- [ ] Carrots

| |----- [ ] Potato

| |----- [ ] Eggplants

|-----[ ] Fruits

|----- [ ] Apples

|----- [ ] Bananas

|----- [X] Grapes

I am working with the Three States checkbox. I would like that if an entire branch is selected like Vegetables above, to have only the Userdata of the “Vegetables” parent node returned and not the one from “Potato”,“Carrot” or “Eggplant”. Otherwise if only a child node is checked like “Grapes” then only return the userdata from that. So when i would save this tree. I would only save the “Vegetables” and “Grape” node userdata.

When you check the parent node, its children become checked too.  And getAllChecked method will return list of ids of all checked items (with children).

If you need to get only item which is checked by user,  you can try to use “onCheck” event handler:

    // your code here