More than one grid in one layout cell

I want to have a menu and there grids in the “b” cell of the layout. But if i attach the second grid to the layout only one of the elements (the last one) is getting displayed. The menu is not the problem. Is there a problem with the length of the element, do i use the same id or why is it not working?

Is there a way like

oldGrid = layout.cells(“b”).attachGrid();

newGrid = oldGrid.attachGrid();
or something like
newGrid = layout.cells(“b”).oldGrid.attachgrid();

newGrid = layout.cells(“b”).attachGrid();
is not working

to get more grids in one single layout cell?

You can add a toolbar to in cell and move components in separate tabs.
Please, check the following sample: … nside.html

It would work but it is not the way i would prefer and it already uses a toolbar for other functions. If my thought of more than one big objekt in an layout cell is not possible with DHTMLX i have to find an other solution for this problem.

DHTMLX can not put the two components in a single cell.
You can add a new layout in cell and place your components in new cells.
Please, check the following sample: … ayout.html … _grid.html with form is it impossible too, right? But i think i can handle it with one grid and the other informations inside form. Thank you for your answer, even it is not perfect for me.