more than one sub_row in a grid


Is it possible to have more than one sub_row in a grid ?

I was trying this and find that when there are more than one subrows in a grid, all subrows display the content

in the last subrow, instead of their own content.

Should I be using splitAt() ?

Thanks in advance,


Unfortunately only one sub-row can be defined for row of grid ( there is no simple and logical way to show few sub-rows in same time, so functionality limited to one sub-row per row )

>>Should I be using splitAt() ?
It will not help. Still only one sub-row will exist for the same row.


Thanks for the quick turn around.

I find in file dhtmlx_excell_subrow.js, that setValue() in sub_row class uses grid.setUserData(parent, “sub_row”, val);
can I change it to something like grid.setUserData(parent, “sub_row”, val); so that each subrow has its own data.

I hope I am clear.

A different question : Can a grid have a sub_row and a sub_row_grid at the same time ?



Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to set two subrows or subgrids (or combination of them) for the one row.