more then one timeline view

It can be reconfigured like week and week agenda view ???

with different timelines ?

you can modify timeline sections using so-called server lists:
scheduler.serverList(listName, optional array);
scheduler.updateCollection(listName, array);

The code might be the following:[code]var initialLines = [//initial set of timelines
{key:1, label:“first”},
{key:2, label:“second”}
scheduler.serverList(“timeline_sections”, initialLines);//put collection into server list

name: “timeline”,
y_unit: scheduler.serverList(“timeline_sections”),//view will load items from the server list
y_property: “section_id”,
});[/code]Whenever you need to reconfigure sections, you can call scheduler.updateCollection(listName, newSections) and timeline will be updated. It also works for selects and radiobuttons in the lightbox
reconfigure sections:var updatedLines = [ {key:3, label:"third"}, {key:4, label:"fourth"} ]; scheduler.updateCollection("timeline_sections", updatedLines);//update timeline view with new sections

Also, you can have multiple timeline views per scheduler, each with its own list of resources and time scale.

This is close to me :wink:
Thx foun on help