most basic question--unable to create an event

I can see Scheduler on my designated page, but cannot add any events by doubleclicking on the desired date field (in the calendar view). Nothing happens. Is there something more I need to activate in the Control Panel for me and my authors to create and manage events? (There is one previous post event that is automatically showing that IS editable, so that seems to be working.) Also, I keep changing the calendar dimensions in the height and width control panel section to make it fit on my page, but after I save and go to look at the page, the calendar size does not change.

I am using Mac OS10.6.8 and Chrome browser. Do I have to delete the cache, set something else up, or what? I’m stuck nearly at step one. Thanks for any specific help.

If you are using standalone version - there is no need for any extra configuration, adding new events is enabled by default.

In case of plugin version - check permissions panel in plugin’s settings. It may have edit operations disabled for guest users.