Mouse holds the click event, though it has been released


We are using dhtmx grid, which contains few columns which can be resizable using mouse drag.
The problem is when we click on the column, and move the mouse to out of the window(out of the frame), and release the mouse.
After that when you move mouse over the window(frame), you can observe that it still holds the mouse down event on the column, and the column gets increased/decreased based on mouse movement.
Is there any way, so we can remove mouse down event when mouse release happens out of the window(frame).


Unfortunately such feature is not supported.


Is this a bug or expected behavior.
Because in normal drag and drop, mouse doesn’t hold once its released outside/inside window.
And we are using dhtmlx grid table in an iframe, so its much visible when user want to increase column width and releases mouse button just outside the iframe.
Any workaround is possible to avoid this ??


Unfortunately it is not available to track the mouse button releasing outside the iframe.


Is there any updates on this bug?