Mouse over on ToolBar Button

Is there functionality for mouse over on a toolbar button,
How can i implement the pop up to show on mouse over a toolbar button instead of clicking the button then show?


Here is an approach sample for you:

toolbarData = { parent: "toolbarObj", icon_path: "../dhtmlxToolbar/samples/common/imgs/", skin: 'dhx_skyblue', items: [{ type: "button", id: "open", img: "open.gif" }, { type: "button", id: "save_as", text: "Save As...", img: "save_as.gif" }, { type: "button", id: "cut", img: "cut.gif" }, { type: "button", id: "copy", img: "copy.gif" }, { type: "buttonTwoState", id: "paste", img: "paste.gif" }] }; toolbar = new dhtmlXToolbarObject(toolbarData); myPop = new dhtmlXPopup({ mode: "bottom"}); obj = toolbar.objPull[toolbar.idPrefix+"save_as"].obj; obj.onmouseover = function(){ myPop.attachHTML("Save project as..."); var x = getAbsoluteLeft(obj); var y = getAbsoluteTop(obj); var w = obj.offsetWidth; var h = obj.offsetHeight;, y, w, h); } obj.onmouseout = function(){ myPop.hide(); }