Move column question

I wanted to ask this situation, whether it is possible to be done under dhtmlxgrid.
As per dhtmlxgrid example, dhtmlxgrid allows column to be moved and later update back to table.
My question is,

  1. if I move Column 1 (Book Title) to position 3, will the php update the table correctly because now my Column 3 equivalent to Book Title and of course the below php code updated wrongly, I assume $_GET[“c3”] is column 3.

    $sql = “UPDATE samples_grid SET sales='”.$_GET[“c0”].“',
    title= '”.addslashes($_GET[“c1”]).“',
    author= '”.addslashes($_GET[“c2”]).“',
    price= '”.$_GET[“c3”].“',
    instore= '”.$_GET[“c4”].“',
    shipping= '”.$_GET[“c5”].“',
    bestseller= '”.$_GET[“c6”].“',
    pub_date= '”.$_GET[“c7”].“’
    WHERE book_id=”.$_GET[“gr_id”];

  2. How do I know programmatically that Column 3 now contains Book Title values?

  3. Is variables c0 to c7 and gr_id defined by dhtmlxgrid? Can I change this variable name?

Pls see the screenshot below, before move and after move of the columns

Before move

After move

You can use column ids … nding.html … ng_modes&s[]=enableDataNames

Can I pass additional parameters to the update program, in this case update.php
If yes, how do I do that?

Any ideas how can I pass additional paramaters to update.php, apart from the default as below

I would like create a text area field, and user will enter values here, and then pass this value to update.php. How do i do this?

You can use grid userdata. Row userdata will be send to the server side as part of the request.

Hi Olga,
I’m in the final process evaluating and buying your product, appreciate if you can explain me in details what you mean by grid userdata.

Userdata is additional data which you can load with the grid but do not display it. Please check more information here … a#userdata