Move Column

I am seeing some strangeness with the moveColumn command. When calling the moveColumn command, the column data moves, but the headers do not. At least not consistantly. The grid I am using has 2 header lines, both containing html. Line one is a checkbox with a label (column number), the second line is an image tag. The checkbox is used to disable a column, and the column data is moved to the end of the column list. What I am seeing is that the column data is moved and the header line 2 with the image tag is moved, but the line 1 headers are not changed, and any checked checkbox to the right of the original position is now unchecked. I have seen another topic that had a similar issue reported (issue with html in line 1 of a multiline header), but there where no responses to it. I can rebuild the column manually, but it would be nicer if the move command worked in this instance.

One a side note, having the html checkbox in the header line also causes an issue when you have the onclick set on the html checkbox. If you click the checkbox, the html onclick fires, along with the dhtmlxGrid’s OnHeaderClick, returning an error since it is missing parameters (the onHeaderClick event was not set up, but dhtmlx tried to fire it anyway). I did move the code into the event and out of the onclick of the checkbox and that corrected the situation.

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, make sure that you have the latest version of dhtmlxgrid.
Please, provide any kind of sample or demo link where the issue can be reconstructed.