Move event from "tail" in Month View


in my system, I often have some long multi-day events/tasks.
I can open a Task in december that expires in January, so in the january month view, I can only see the “tail” of the event itself.

Now, it happens that you want to move the due date of the task (so the end of the event, not the beginning), so it would be great to do that directly moving the element in the calendar.
The problem is that you would like to move the tail of the element, but as soon as you drag the element, you get the head of the event under your cursor, but this makes no really sense in my scenario.

I know this is probably an uncommon need, but anyway, is there a way to move the element keeping the event from the tail, instead that from the head?

Thank you,

such behavior is caused by the implementation of the drag and drop, the pointer pointer position always defines a start date of an event.
Probably you could change this behavior by overwriting some inner methods (e.g. scheduler._on_mouse_move), although I’m not sure that there is an easy way to implement what you need