Move from ExtJS - couple of questions

Considering a move away from ExtJS, for several reasons, some of which I have seen explored and well documented in this forum.

However there are a couple of specific components I use a lot. Scanning the examples briefly I didn’t see them in the DHTMLX pro package. But would like some input on whether they exist or could be created?

  1. What ExtJS calls “tag field”:

See … /#form-tag

I have also seen it referred to elsewhere as “facebook select” or “combo multi select”

I do see that the DHTMLX combo allows for checkboxes in the rows. But that is not quite the same. You cannot type ahead and rapidly select and see multiple items.

I use the tag field against long lists (thousands) and with autocomplete it is a key component.

  1. Sliders with multiple thumbs:

See … me=neptune

I probably wouldn’t need the 3 thumbs the example shows, but I use 2 thumbs a lot.

Appreciate any thoughts

Hello, thank you for your questions.

  1. For now, we don’t have combo multi select and are not planning to add it in upcoming update (dhtmlxSuite 4.3). But if we receive many requests for this feature, we may consider adding it.

  2. We’re about to update dhtmlxSlider (as a part of dhtmlxSuite update) and add this feature, there will be the ability to use range slider with two thumbs.

You’re welcome to ask any other questions, we’ll be happy to assist.

Thanks for the follow-up. Disappointing on the combo multi-select, but I understand.

Few other questions:

  1. Can charts (or other components) be embedded within grid cells?

Such as: … idget-grid

  1. I saw that a chart can be linked to a grid for live data updating. That is good. However does it auto-update based on the sort of the grid? i.e. if I sort a field desc, a bar chart should update the order of its bars to match.

  2. Can custom CSS be written to adjust the formatting of a component? I saw the skin builder, but if finer-grained formatting is desired, CSS rules can be written?

Thanks again

(1) There is no special integration between dhtmlxChart and dhtmlxGrid for this scenario, but grid can show any HTML content in the cells, so you can show mini-chart in cells of grid.

(2) Sorting doesn’t affect order of bars in chart, but can be done by using public API of grid and chart.

(3) sure, you can redefine the styles of components through css.