Move project with auto schedule doesn't work correctly

I have a problem when testing ‘move project’ function using the sample provided.
I used 19_draggable_projects.html with the modification of auto schedule on.

When I drag ‘Task #2’ to April 6th, auto schedule seems not to work correctly.
Is it auto schedule bug? or something I have to do with it?

If you just connect the extension it won’t work until you enable it with this command:

gantt.config.auto_scheduling = true;

Please check the following example:
You can read about autoscheduling extension in the following article: … uling.html

If that doesn’t help you please send me a sample of your code.
You can modify the snippet above. After you edit the code and see that it reproduces the error, click on the “Share” button and copy the link for the snippet.

I prepared my sample code. There are one project and 2 tasks under it. When you move project to June 10th, you’ll find all tasks on June 11th.
It seems to due to work time correction.

Thank you for sharing the sample code. I reproduced described behavior. Looks like it happens not only because of work time correction option but because of the combination of the options. I added the bug in our tracker and will tell you when it is fixed.

As a workaround I can suggest you to use “skip_off_time” option: … onfig.html
It will hide weekends at all, but you won’t have the issue in that case:

Sorry that I didn’t inform you earlier.
The bug you reported was fixed.