Mover boxes using dthmlxGrid


I have 2 grids that I am using for mover boxes. For example I can select a user from the “Available” list on the left and move them into the “Selected” grid on the right.

The problem is that I am doing it like this:





The problem is that since dp sends asynchronous, the timing does not alway workout. The the reload of “selected” grid is happening too fast. Ideally I would like to wait until my row has been removed from “Available” grid before refreshing “Selected” grid.

Please Advise.

You can use “onBeforeUpdated” dhtmlxDataProcessor’s event to define if “delete” operation was passed:
Please find more information about DataProcessor’s events here … aprocessor

I am trying to attach an event to the dataprocessor and everything I have tried, I get the following error.


Error: Object doesn’t support this property or method

“attachEvent” method is available in dhtmlxDataProcessor version 2.1+. Latest dhtmlxDataProcessor version is available at the Standart suite package which you can download here

If I download the dhtmlxDataProcessor 2.1 will it break any of my existing code.  I currently and using 2.0.

If I download the dhtmlxDataProcessor 2.1, will it break any of my existing code?  I am currently using 2.0.

dhtmlxDataProcessor 2.1 will not break any of your existing code.