MoveRowTo parent/child

When I use the moverowto functionality to copy a tree item to another tree it copies the parent item and ALL children. Is there a way for it to copy only the parent item?

In the end I am trying to copy maybe 1 or 2 of the child items from one grid to another








and I want to copy “–Child1” and “–Child3” to another grid along with “Parent”, but I do not want --Child2, --Child4, and --Child5 to copy.

As far as I understand, you use treegrid with mercy drag enabled.

There is no opportunity to copy only parent row.

But you can delete the unnecessary nodes after coping.





I am doing:

var child = mygrid.getChildItemIdByIndex(oldParentId,0);
while(child != null)
child = mygrid.getChildItemIdByIndex(oldParentId,0);


That all seems to work just fine, but when I am using dataprocessor and sending the data it appears to be doubling up the post. So retrieving column “RowId_c0” gives value of “title,title” instead of “title” this is for every field. So it seems like that row is getting added to the data proc then when I do row delete it isn’t removing from dataproc then when I do add again it adds it to the dataproc again, duplicating the data. So tried to throw in the setupdated but that didn’t work either.

Please, try to call setUpdated(child,false); after deleteRow(child);