Moving lightbox to some DIV


By default lightbox appear in a popup.
I need lightbox to show in one of my custom place ( DIV )

As far as i have achieved. I have overwritten the scheduler’s JS code where it creates it after body as first child.
I’m getting that into my custom place ( DIV ). But now i have a problem in saving or canceling.

It is giving me this.
TypeError: v is undefined[Learn More]
TypeError: r is undefined[Learn More]
TypeError: r is undefined[Learn More]

How i can achieve this?


Well i studied it more. And i found when my custom Div is inside any ( Form )then those errors occurs. Otherwise it is working. But still i want to know if i want to do this in form as well how i can achieve this?


Do you know that you can create fully custom lightbox? Find more details
If yes, why this solution does not work for you?

Yeah i saw that before this is for customizing. But okay if i do this… We still have the issue that it is not pointing lightbox if this is under some FORM already.