MPP Import - Sone Tasks In Wrong Folders/Order

When importing a large MS Project (MPP file) with the importFromMSProject method, some tasks are being placed in the wrong folders and in the wrong order.

I didn’t notice this until a client of ours mentioned it and asked us to fix it.

When you compare the tasks and order between what importFromMSProject returns and how it looks on MS Project, some specific tasks are placed in the wrong place and folder.

I checked the “project” variable that importFromMSProject returns, and indeed the tasks in question have an incorrect “parent” value, which is what causes them to go under the wrong folder.

We need urgent help with this.

Hello Phelipe,
It is a bug in the export module. It is reproduced if you have custom WBS codes for the tasks.
The dev team will fix it in the future, but I cannot give you any ETA.

You can try the following workaround:

  1. Save the file in XML format.
  2. Load the file in MS Project.
  3. Save the file in MPP format.
  4. Import the re-exported file in Gantt.

Hello ramil,

No this issue happens when we try importing, not exporting. The file we attempt to import is originally exported straight from MS Project and works fine in other Gantt software. I opened a ticket about this and was told it should be fixed within 1 week.

Hello Phelipe,
Sorry for not being clear. The issue occurs with our export server and the standalone export module. We call it the export module but it can also import the data:

With the workaround I provided, you need to save the MPP file in the XML format, then you can try importing it into DHTMLX Gantt.

The dev team is working on a fix. Please wait until you receive the response via email.

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