MSIE 10 compatibility


My apologies if this is covered somewhere and I missed it.

I have been using your wonderful components since the first one, I think. Around 2005.
Anyhow, I see the suite now contains things I used to pick up elsewhere and integrate into my application.

I have not upgraded in a long time as all is working well and development has slowed down for us… We have bought some enterprise components or suites in the past.

Normally I now develop in Chrome and before Chrome, in Firefox. Some in the organization still use FF. Today, I was checking MSIE and discovered my WIN7 had upgraded to MSIE 10 and I found that the treegrid is slightly broken (columns and headings look like default widths and do not line up) and the Windows do not show my custom color. I use Green in place of your Blue, and now they are White. MSIE 9 still works fine.

Question is (finally! :slight_smile: is likely that upgrading to 3.6 would fix this?
I believe we are using v.2.5 build 91111

Paxton Scott

Upgrading to 3.6 will definitely fix it, but as fast solution you can try to grab the latest suite, take dhtmlxcommon.js from it, and replace old one with it. dhtmlxCommon must be compatible with old version, and updating to latest one must fix most problems with IE9-IE10 ( to fix all problems for sure , updated to latest version of components is highly recommended )