Muliday event rendering

As for now i can use scheduler.renderEvent to change evet_text and container in normal events. How can i do the same with multiday events. scheduler since renderEvent fucntion does not apply for multiday events.

Thankx in advance

You can call scheduler.updateView() to update all events in current view.

Thank you for your quick response.
Thing is i have change event container within sheduler.renderEvent function

 var evt_text = "&nbsp";
                    if (scheduler.getState().mode == "day") {
                        evt_text = ev.text + " <some text>"
                    else if (scheduler.getState().mode == "week") {
                        evt_text = ev.text;
                    container.innerHTML = "<div class='event-cal' accessKey=" + + " id='event-cal' style='background: " + ev.color + "'> <div class='event-body " + "'accessKey=" + + ">" + evt_text + "</div></div>";
                    return true;

This applied only to single day events. I want to do the same for multiday events. How is that possible?

The event bars do not use renderEvent and will always look as colored bar.
While you can’t change their outer DIV container, you can use scheduler.templates.event_bar_text to define inner content. … plate.html

Template can return any HTML, which will be rendered in the event bar ( so you can use it similar to renderEvent method )