Mulitple Unit views, issues about the events selected column


I met a strange behaviour regarding a scheduler using several Units views.

Actually, I have 2 unit views, containing two kind of data (same structure).
when I load the scheduler, the first view loaded contains the correct events.
But, when i’m loading the other unit view, all events are attached to the left hand column.
The events dates are respected but not the event owner.

The expected behaviour would be to not show those events using the ‘user_id’ property.

I equally use the multisource plugin but i’m not sure this is useful in my case.

Here is a sample code of the scheduler loading :

scheduler.createUnitsView({“name” : “ex1”, “property” : “user_id”, “list” : users.ex1, “size” : 4});
scheduler.createUnitsView({“name” : “ex2”, “property” : “user_id”, “list” : users.ex2, “size” : 4});

scheduler.load(["/agenda/ajax-retrieve-rdv/ex1/1", “/agenda/ajax-retrieve-rdv”], 'json);

Is the multiple unit view supported ?
Or am I wrong about the way to load a multiple unit view ?

Thank for your reponses.


Basically you have two units views which are using same ‘user_id’ property. List of users in those views are different and you don’t want to display events which don’t have ‘their’ unit on the view to be displayed?

What scheduler version are you using?
Make following change:

scheduler.createUnitsView({"name" : "ex1", "property" : "user_id", "list" : users.ex1, "size" : 4, skip_incorrect: true}); scheduler.createUnitsView({"name" : "ex2", "property" : "user_id", "list" : users.ex2, "size" : 4, skip_incorrect: true});
Kind regards,

my mistake, I forgotten the skip incorrect param.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: