Multi-column combobox possible

Hello, is it possible to use multiple columns in a combobox?

e.g. showing a list of contacts (name, address, city)

There is no native support for multiple columns in combo, but it allows to use any HTML as options text - so it possible to mimic necessary behavior.
Please check attached sample. (15 KB)

Just out of interest. If I was to populate a combo with a table structure, would the user still be able to use features like filter and auto complete?

No, filter and auto complete won’t be possible

OK, thanks for the reply.

Does anyone know if a ‘true’ multi-column combo with all the features is in the pipeline?


could you explain how to use any HTML as options text?



Hi, vangeloni
Do you mean building combo via HTML (from select: … _init.html) or using HTML tags in options?


I mean custom HTML in option item, for example using a custom render if it is possible.


What way do you load combo? XML? Json?

Could you provide sample for both?

From select box

<option value="1"><div className="myClass">a00</option>

From XML:

<option value="One" id="0_1"><![CDATA[<div title='tooltip1'><div style="left: 0; display: inline-block"><img src=../___img/settings.gif></div><div style="left: 2px; display: inline-block">One</div></div>]]></option>

From Javascript

combo.addOption("1","<div className="myClass">a00</option>");