Multi-day event broken in two events?

Hello, I came across a problem with setting a multi-day event over 2 weeks. The scheduler seems to break it up into two pieces. Each one starts on the beginning of the week. Viewing the attached images below, Is there a way to get the first line to say it ends on May 24th, not on May 21st?

Here is the code for my event bar line for those multi-day shifts:

scheduler.templates.event_bar_text = function(s,e,ev) { var vacation_format ='%D, %F %j'); var shift_format ='%h:%i %A'); var date_check_format ='%j%n%y'); if(ev.is_vacation == 'true') { return scheduler.getLabel("tech_id", ev.tech_id) + " is away until " + vacation_format(ev.end_date); } else if(ev.is_vacation == 'false' && date_check_format(ev.start_date) != date_check_format(ev.end_date)) { var sec = ""; if(ev.section == 'front') { sec = "(F) "; } else { sec = "(B) "; } return sec + "<strong>" + scheduler.getLabel("tech_id", ev.tech_id) + "</strong> " + trimZero(shift_format(ev.start_date)) + " - " + trimZero(shift_format(ev.end_date)) + " daily until " + vacation_format(ev.end_date); } else { return "<strong>" + scheduler.getLabel("tech_id", ev.tech_id) + "</strong> " + trimZero(shift_format(ev.start_date)) + " - " + trimZero(shift_format(ev.end_date)); } }

Any assistence would be appreciated.


While month view virtually separates events to draw them currently we don’t offer any way to display different text on each part.

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I don’t think the problem is that he wants different text on the two parts.
I believe he want’s the same text on them, but it seems like when the scheduler virtually splits the event into two, the end_date for the first event is the virtual break date instead of the events actual end_date which leads to the wrong text.

As a workaround maybe you could get the “actual” event from the scheduler by the event id and generate the text using the end_date from the event you get by the id instead. As the id should be the same for these two virtual events.

Hello, Flyn.

Thank you, I indeed got it incorrectly.
This issue should be fixed in the latest version.

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