multi-day icon dissapears with "glossy" .css


just converted over to the glossy look, and I noticed the multi-day icon does not appear on the grid any long.

I checked for the images in the folders, seems to be ok…
use dhtmlxscheduler_glossy.css ==> no icon
use dhtmlxscheduler.css ==> icon appears

using v3


Not sure is it regression or not.
Is previous version work differently for you ?


yes it was working. All that i changed was instead of dhtmlxscheduler.css, I replaced it with
dhtmlxscheduler_glossy.css to utilize the new look… Everything was fine then i noticed that the multi-day icon would not appear.


Can confirm this issue. Was able to bring it back though :slight_smile:
I’ve attached updated files:

  1. Place clock_big.png and clock_small.png to the scheduler\codebase\imgs_glossy\ folder
  2. Place dhtmlxscheduler_glossy.css to the scheduler\codebase\ folder

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Ilya (6.08 KB)


Thank you, confirmed fixed.